08.03.2003 || 11h24

short note on big Brother

You know, the huge-arsed forest fires that are currently gutting BC really bother me.

Oh: I read a really good article over at the Beeb this morning, and because I am in a sharing mood, I will let you in on the secret. I guess I liked it because it's nice to finally see someone else speaking from my corner: the one that sees a choice between rule of law and rule of corporate bottom lines. That's the reason I no longer think about doing end-runs around the government or any of that nonsense.

Not that I was ever a huge rebel in that sense anyway. I mean, the government of Canada sometimes seems like a huge pile of incompetence (especially now, with the power-hungry hands of the PM have made Parliament all but totally irrelevant), but I still prefer Jean Chrétien to Bill Gates. Period.

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