07.28.2003 || 01h20


Wow, am I ever glad that to-day's over. It was a bad one. Started off badly because I had a dream that was rough enough to rocket me awake. I finally got back to sleep, then got woken up by a kiss on the ear by a breakfast-bearing girlfriend (man, I tell you; every now and then I fall for her all over again.) and had a pleasant morning. Great, but when we got to the school to look at headshots, we discovered that the door was locked. Turns out, the exec producer'd left it unlocked for me, and a well-meaning janitor had locked it. didn't save my mood at the time, though.

I dunno, it just felt like nothing went my way to-day, and I felt like I was dragging my poor lover all over town, from one little irritation to another.

Work wasn't so bad to-night. I forgot that we were closing at midnight because it's Sunday, so that was a nice surprise (though we got out at almost 1am because we stank at closing to-night), but generally, the day sort of stank.

Anyway, I'm off. Gotta get some sleep: I'm supposed to go work at maman's place in the morning, then go look at headshots before work (Tabs: I'm working 7 days in a row. All closing shifts. nice, eh?)


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