07.26.2003 || 01h01

Some news shite...

Okay, so thanks to the Slut for letting me know about the missing paragraph. The rest of you are all illiterate for not noticing the half-sentence. I fixed it, and am now ready to take on the world.

Speaking of which, what the *hell* is up with Iran? I mean, I don't think that shooting a man who's running at you with a machete lies in even an *adjacent* category to that of beating a photojournalist to death with a combat boot for taking pictures of a prison. The copycat accusations are just ridiculous. Send the fucking body back to Canada, and let's just stop the transcontinental sniping, okay?

Good now.

Also, I don't think that people realise how big this is. This is history being made, and possibly the beginning of a wee power shift in the East. In fact, I'd guarantee it. Not next year, but at some point. In a way, I'm kinda glad to see it...

Anyway, I'm for bed. I have an audition to-day (!), and I need to prepare.

G'night, eh?

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