07.24.2003 || 23:14

Auditions, readings, and gossip, oh my

Oh, I have an audition on Saturday. It's not for anything specific; the production company has 'some' projects coming down the pipe, and they want to set up a sort of talent bank from which to pick people for the various projects. I ain't complaining, even though it now means that I'm trying to memorise the Arabic alphabet *and* a monologue. Lotsa work. Especially as I'm trying to practise music as well. Heh...

Actually, I noticed something at practise to-night: Even when we stink, it's not as bad as we used to. By that, I mean that if someone hits the wrong chord or a sour note, he knows exactly what's up, like it was a slipup rather than us standing around and saying 'Um, what's the frigging chord?'

So, to-day, the NTS grad who works with me came over to read the script to Marv and me. She's very good, and I kinda wish she wasn't moving to Toronto next week to work on a play. I mean, it's awesome that she's already got work there and everything, but I'd have liked to audition her for the part in our film. I also have to probably make sure that no-one at work finds out she came over. For some reason people at work are 'talking about' us. Fuckers. I hate that shite. I mean, if you're going to gossip like that, then at least make sure you're close to the mark, you know?

Incidentally, at this point both the US and UK look so stupid that it's possible they should both have their governments abolished and be put under UN control. It's obvious that their incompetence and fucking hubris have made them the stupidest yet baddest bullies around. From this point forth, the US shall be named 'Crabbe,' and the UK, 'Goyle.'

Anyway, I'm for bed I think...

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