07.09.2003 || 11h01

New music, old war

You know, it's possible that I'm a snob. And I mean that in the nicest possible way, but I still think it's possible that, in certain situations, I just might be a snob.

Take the new Souad Massi album, for instance, which I bought along with the latest Peter Murphy yesterday.

First off, it wasn't a random buy: I'd been trying to get the Peter Murphy album through alternate means (read: dirty piracy') for roughly twelve centuries, but it seems that some of the old standbys are no longer all that popular. As for the Souad Massi disc, I'd wanted to hear some of it before spending my hard-earned (and fucking *sparse*) cash on it, but I couldn't get the sound files on her site to work (their issue, not mine). So I decided to just go for it, promising myself that I can eBay it if I hate it.

Now back to the snobbery. I like a certain amount of authenticity in my music, and the same impulse that made me spend godknowshowmuch on the TaTu album in the original Russian (and now keeps me from playing it at all now that they're readily played on every radio station in America -- and in English, to!) makes me prefer to see a bunch of squiggles that I can't understand in the liner notes if the artist in question happens to be singing in Arabic. but no, for the European/Canadian release, the fucking lyrics are all translated into French. So technically, the printed lyrics don't match the ones I'm hearing.

I have no idea why this sort of stuff bugs me. I just finished reading High Fidelity, and was fairly creeped out about how familiar some of it was.

Anyway, the purchase made me glad I'd just been paid for the play I directed last month.

Oh: Last night the producer of my theatre company took me and a couple of other theatre-types to see the opening of Menopause, The Musical at Place-des-arts. I was introduced as a young director to, um... two (I think) journalists, a casting agent, and an older theatre director. Anyway, the show was a lot of fun. I'd like to find some way to send Maman and Sister to see it. A lot. I enjoyed it to bits, but I know that they have more of an interest in the subject matter than do I ;-)

Oh, and I have an answer for those smart yammers in Ottawa who are trying to decide whether to distribute medical marijuana as seeds or as dried leaves: it all depends on how much you want a pot grey-market in Canada, stupid-heads!

And! *AND!* With the hell that Tony Blair's going through because of that stupid war, why isn't GWB in more trouble?

I leave you with this.

||Gods save the Queen,

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