07.08.2003 || 09h50

Few notes on a less-than-scintillating day

Now *yesterday* was a less-than-perfect day. It started off innocuously enough with Mystie giving me a kiss goodbye as she packed herself off to school and saying something that just dissapeared somewhere in my still-sleeping head.

Didn't get much better from there, though. when I crawled outta bed and into the oppressivelt hot land of the living, I immediately regretted ever being born. I tried to clean my room and gave up. I tried to read and gave up. I trioed to write and gave up. finally, I threw my hands up and told a similarly sweltering Marv that we were going to go find a cool café in which to get some work done.

I forgot my book.

I forgot my camera.

I forgot my water bottle.

I forgot my fucking phone.

The book became important only later, when I was on a break from work. I covered nicely by working on some poems.

As is ususal when I forget to take my camera, we passed something very picturesque on Ste-Catherine street pertaining to huge areas of the street being roped off and about a million cops.

The water bottle. not an option during summer.

The whole world tried to call me on that fucking phone.

Work was less than stellar, what with me already pretty grumpy. I managed to keep a civil face on all night, but I really wanted to just go home. That, and the person with whom I was closing doesn't have the clearsest accent, so I spent a fair amount of the night just fucking pretending to understand her because it was less work than saying 'quoi?' over and over.

Oh, and when I'm kicking into a mood swing, 'Are you mad/is everything okay?' is just about the last thing I care to hear.

That is all, thank you.

||Gods save the Queen,

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