07.05.2003 || 09h58

A buncha notes about the world or something...

Hm. It turns out that Canada's *one* case of Mad Cow disease might have come from the US. It seems that the animal in question is believed to have come north as part of a large-arsed importation just before the US banned the use of animal protein in feed.

If this is true (and I repeat, *if.* I mean, there's no reason to jump the gun here), then should Canada not be closing the border to all US livestock like they've done to us? Should Japan not threaten to boycott all Canadian beef coming from cows originating in the US, like they've told the US about cattle originating up here?

Should the economy really depend on something that might not have been our fault?

Speaking of the economy, the one south of the border is a mess, and this is getting old. I mean, apparently there have been 900,000 jobs lost in the US since March. Guys, pull up your socks. Not because I care overmuch about the US all that much, but because ours is starting to falter because of this. I really mean it. Years and years of an artificially inflated US dollar proves two things: 1) this was probably coming, no matter what, and b) the US is awesome to behold when it comes to pretending that nothing's wrong.

Surely, those two cancel each other out, right?

And while we're at it, offering $25 million of those artificial US dollars for Saddam Hussein's head smacks of lawlessness. And cruelty. It's insulting to offer than money up as blood money when it could be better spent on re-building infrastructure on the ground in Iraq. And hell, the same damned reward hasn't made anyone bring in Osama Bin laden, so why would it work this time?

I dunno, Washington's cowboy act is starting to look ridiculous in the extreme...

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