07.03.2003 || 01h14

reliving a little dream

Okay, I took a total of one (1) picture in Ottawa on Canada Day. Then my battery died. I didn't even bother looking for replacements, seeing as you kinda need to go into a specialist camera store for them, and well *nothing's* open in the nation's capital on 01 July.

As soon as we got home, Mystie bought me a battery pack for my baby. Now I can use AAs, which are much easier to find, and as an added bonus, I get about twice the rolls shot before I have to re-load the batteries.

Wish I'd thought of this *before* going...

But we got in from Otts at about midday, and I had to work to-night, so I'm just a wee bit tired.

Nah, I'm fucking blasted. I could fall asleep right here, funky new camera stuff or no.

Between getting home and going to work, Mystie and I stepped into Indigo to browse a bit, and I ran smack-dab into an olde dreame of mine; one that I'd sort of let go when I stopped being paid well, I guess.

Nah, longer ago than that. I guess I gave it up when I finally started to consider myself an adult with responsabilities -- right around the time I started to pay back my student loan, strangely.

You see, I was always been a bit of a dreamer, I guess. when I was younger Maybe it's better than being solidly part of a world in which you're constantly exposed to the bloody realities of having a child-rapist for an uncle or of living in a poor-arsed neighbourhood where people sometimes died in ugly, ugly ways. The myth is untrue: Canada is not a great egalitarian utopia. We have poor folks too. Maybe not as bad as the giant to the south, but they'r still there, and they still drug and kill each other. And maybe it's because I saw Casablanca too many times, but I always dreamed of owning a place in Morocco. Why not Algeria? Well, I shouldn't have to say. Why not Tunisia? Mostly because Morocco sits nicely with my fundamental distrust of republics. And it's on the Atlantic. And I really don't know aside from that.

I dunno. As I've grown older, I've forced myself to drop dreams aside and try to live in the real world, be productive, veer away from flakiness whenever I can, but when I was in Indigo to-day, this book brought it back to me in a breeze of wistfulness.

I don't know if I'll ever fully ressurrect my desire to have a home over there. I know I'd lovce to be in the position to do it, and I like to think that I'd go for it, but I really don't think it'll ever happen. But maybe that explains why I'm stillsuch a sucker for anything African or Middle Eastern. I guess each of my little dreams leave something on me when they pass away.

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