06.14.2003 || 09h23

Marion Bridge

Strange. I was under the impression that we didn't have to worry about that anymore. Beautiful. Just fucking-stressingly-stupidly-unfairly-scarily beautiful. Fuck.

Anyway, Mystie and I went to see Marion Bridge at the Parc last night. Didn't think we'd make it, but I decided to not do the typical defeatist 'Oh well, forget it. Is there a café around here?' thing. We booted it. Got there just in time, and pretty good thing, too. The film was great.

You know, it's hard to see it sometimes, what with Molly Parker getting naked in every second film she does, but she's a damned fine actor. The lines come through her whole face, not just her mouth, and I just believe her. Just like that. Rebecca Jenkins too. I've seen her on Canadian TV screens for a while now, and even when the show was terrible, she always pulled her part along really well.

And this is what, the third Canuck film I've seen that has the lead actor(s) sing the ending theme song. Kind of a cool, quirky little way about it, if you ask me. Maybe I'll ask Hudson girl to do a song for ours...

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