06.12.2003 || 03h00


Yeah, so some co-workers were getting together at Brutopia to-night. I was invited, but I certainly didn't think anyone'd be left by the time I got out of work. Of course, closing with Jas is significantly faster than with, say, Best Friend, so we were outta there quickie-frisco. Accordingly, I picked up the 'phone to ask Mystie if she'd like to come to the pub. Just as I finished dialling, I glanced at the clock, and hastily hit the hangup button so I wouldn't wake her house.

Anyway, Best Friend, Marv, and two of the girls from work were still there, and one of the girls from the Faubourg location showed up briefly to say 'hi.' I'm now home and having some water while Best Friend and Marv walk the girls home. Being as I'm not single, I didn't feel the need to walk the girls all the way to Hutchison before coming to walk back home. Don't get me wrong, I'm as gallant as the next guy, but come on, I'd feel like the original fifth wheel.

I kinda wish I'd known I'd be outta work by 23h00, though. I'd like to have had Mystie along. It feels lilke we're only getting glimpses of one another these days. Every once in a while, we actually make love, but mostly we just see one another when someone gets up or just before one of us stumbles off to bed. I'm hating it, but I know that it's just the way things have to be right now.

But I still don't like it.

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