06.05.2003 || 19h40

It's not like I'd go back anyway, but...

Holy hannah, am I ever unhappy. I called Mystie to talk about this, but she wasn't home, so I'm going to be bitching about it here. Now. Just a warning for those who might not be in the mood...

I went by the pub to get my Angel season 1 DVDs off of Literate Barmaid, and I discovered that one of Stringbean's friends is doing my job. The job that they were phasing out due to financial reasons.

I'm confuckingfused. When my boss's brother let me go, he said that it was financial, that they couldn't afford both me and the night busser, then tacked on a last-minute statement to the effect that some of the girls were complaining about me, then immediately went on to say that it was nothing personal and that if business picked up again, they'd hire me back.

I don't understand. They fired me so they could hire someone who better fits in with their incestuous little group, I guess. Someone who they'd be able to drink themselves silly with.

Or maybe one of the girls really did complain. But I never did *anything* that would warrant a dismissal. Nothing. And fuck; even if that were true, am I not entitled to a warning or something? I asked Literate Barmaid about any complaints about me, and she seemed to be mystified about it, but I guess that doesn;t really mean anything...

Man, I don't know who's bullshitting here. I have no words for how I feel.

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