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Missile Defence? Fuck that. Oh, and something ridiculous...

Justanote to Canadians out there in Dland. No matter your political affiliation, if you don't agree with the Liberals backpedalling on the Star Wars issue you might want to sign this.

It's freaking important in terms of what this country is supposed to stand for. Especially as the damned plan doesn't even come close to addressing the new realities of warfare. Quoth the NDP:

Why Star Wars is Wrong

Star Wars is a Bad Idea

In the 1980s, Ronald Reagan wanted to put weapons in space to shoot down incoming missiles. His expensive idea didn't work, but the idea did not die. Now George Bush wants to use a space, land and sea based system to shoot down incoming missiles, which he calls National Missile Defence (NMD).

Missile Defence is Star Wars
Bush's current proposal is only the first step. U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is clearly in favour of expanding the current proposal, and already the Pentagon has tried to put nuclear tips on the missiles used to shoot down incoming targets. So-called missile defence is the first step towards weaponizing space.

Star Wars Doesn't Work
The Bush administration is now cancelling tests because they know the system doesn't work. Last year, the New York Times reported one test missed its target "by hundreds of miles".

Star Wars is Destabilizing
In order to permit the development of Star Wars missile defence, George Bush abandoned one of the world's most important arms control treaties: the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. Ignoring arms control treaties isn't what the world needs when new nuclear powers are emerging such as India, Pakistan and China. Developing a new weapons system is inherently destabilizing - if history shows us anything, it's that someone will make more weapons or new weapons to beat it.

NDP Alternatives to Star Wars

Arms Control
Weapons of mass destruction are dangerous in anyone's hands and we need to act together to stop their production and the sale of the material used to build them.

Acting Together
The United Nations needs reform, but we're not going to achieve reform by joining in another unilateral, destabilizing act from George Bush.

Preserving a Voice for Peace
If Canada joins Star Wars - which contravenes arms control treaties - how can we demand other nations to honour arms control treaties? Joining Star Wars undermines Canada's voice in the world.

Genuine Human Security
How is it that the world can find money for Star Wars, but not to fight poverty, pollution or pandemics like AIDS?

Oh, and just when you thought that Canada was all boring politics: Yuk.

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