05.27.2003 || 10h57

French classes and English movies

Holy shite, she's actually doing it. Mystie started her French course yesterday. In the midst of so many people (her and I sometimes included) always talking about 'if only I could' or 'one day I'll,' here's my girl, actually going out and doing. I didn't know anyone did that anymore.

Last nigt we went and saw Lawless Heart at the AMC with one of the passes I was given for my birthday. I really liked it. It seemed a bit disjointed at first, but the story backed up a few times to re-tell itself from a different perspective, and it just sort of fell together. Fricking sad film, though. You've been warned.


I've *got* to start getting up earlier. Over the past couple of months, I've developped this habit of lying in bed from first alarm 'til about 10h00, listening to the radio. Unfortunately, that means that by the time breakfast is over, there are about ten minutes left 'til the clock strikes 11h00. Not enough time to get in any music practise.


Hm, so yesterday, I asked my boss again about giving us a gig in July, and he said he was full up. August? Full. All the way to October, in fact. Except that I saw some blanks in the book.

I can't wait to quit this job in September. I'm having more trouble pretending to respect these guys all the time.

Speaking of which, I'd better shower if I'm going to be in Beer Hell ontime...

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