05.26.2003 || 02h29

Small party and Cannes

So yeah, had a little party on Saturday night. A few close-ish friends and a buncha booze. Marv, Slut and I played a few of the songs we've been working on and got a good reaction, though I think that's because the party-goers were generally even drunker than we were.

It was a nice way to end what had turned out to be a birthday week of celebrations. Wow. Must be the whole 'turning 31' thing. I guess I have to grow up now or something...

In other news, we got cheated. Les Invasions Barbares got best screenplay and best actress at Cannes, but the Palme D'or went to the Gus Van Sant flick, Elephant. *Even* though Invasions got a reaction that had never before been seen at the festival, complete with 20-minute ovation and alladat.

I dunno...

But hey, it got a US distributor, which is something. It starts playing in the US-of-A sometime in the next year.

Fuck, ten bucks says they dub the damned thing...

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