05.23.2003 || 10h07

Command line boffonomy

Wanted to update last night, but marv was trying to get the gateway up and running. I am, at this point, mystified by the process. It seemed like it was going to work at some point, but no...


Holy Schnikes! I have just spent a whole buncha time being frustrated. I mean, all I was trying to do was change my fucking shell from tcsh to bash, fer fuksakes. No matter how I did it (vi, emacs, from my user account or by first su-ing to root), it just wouldn't change. Fuck, I wish I knew more about this...

This would be so much simpler if the brighties at Apple had decided that keeping certain folders from view in the GUI (like, say /etc) *wasn't* an appropriate way to ensure that non-techies didn't sink their machines.

Well, okay. I can appreciate it. I mean, requiring a certain command of the command line in order to do any damage is actually an *excellent* way to keep chuckleheads from damaging the system, but *futz!* Why not allow it when I'm logged in as the root user? This is embarassing. I've changed the shells around on my old BeOS box and on Linux machines before, so why not on the damned doomBook? Oh right: Apple wants to save me from myself...


In other words, I've got an awesome girlfriend. That is all.

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