05.17.2003 || 15h23

Sweet hereafter

Hm. Bit of a nasty business in Casablanca. Definitely a different world these days...

So I came home to take a nap before work so that I wouldn't be a total bag of toys during my shift.

Too bad there's a man here fixing the toilet and a bunch of guys outside my bedroom window painting the upstairs windowframes. No nap. Christ.

I guess I can't really complain, seeing as it's so damned nice to see something actually being *done* around here for once.

So anyway, I tossed The Sweet Hereafter into the PS2. I figured I'd watch it with the director and author's commentary. I have to admit that I'm geeky enough to have watched all my DVDs' commentary tracks. I love to see what made certain directors make some of their choices. I am amazed by the internal logic that made Atom Egoyan set up some of his scenes the way he did. The scene that leads up to the first image of the shattered bus works on so many levels; the way such a seemingly simple scene works to pull the viewer down towards disaster is just amazing. I can see why the film won the Grand Prix at Cannes in 97. It's just a gorgeous film.

Russel Banks sounds completely different that I'd have imagined, though.


So, I'm going to be 31 on Wednesday. Going to have a wee party on Saturday. Anyone who wants and can is invited.

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