05.13.2003 || 23h15

Les Invasions Barbares

We just got in from performing what amounts to a patriotic act here in Québec. To-night we went to see Denis Arcand's latest oeuvre. Dammit, it was absolutely gorgeous. Nary a dry eye in the house by the end, I tell you.

Man, if all film sequels were as well written and *acted* as this one, the word 'sequel' prolly wouldn't give me such hives. The chemistry in that group of actors is amazing. finally all together again after almost 20 years, the film felt like the old reunion it depicted. Everything was funnier and sadder than I could ever hope to depict, but if this mad, naïve dream of mine comes true, I hope I can create something as good as that fucking eviscerating, goddamned brilliant film.

Denis Arcand really is a god. Really, though...

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