05.12.2003 || 01h36

Wow, long walk home...

So after the fire incident at Job #1 on Friday, To-night saw us close Coffee Hell early because rain water was *pouring* through the ceiling and light fixtures. Closed early didn't translate into leaving early unfortunately, but there you go.

At any rate, I stopped into Job #1 on the walk home to call Mystie and tell her I was almost home. Literate Barmaid was there, so she bought me a pint. I drank it, then proceeded to spend a half hour looking outside and waiting for the weather to calm down enough for me to get home at least *slightly* dry...

No luck, but I finally left anyway, otherwise it was going to be ridiculous, and I really wanted to get home to the sweetheart.

Well, she's asleep. I guess I can't blame her. I wasn't planning to take so long to get home. At least I told her about the pint...

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