05.09.2003 || 00h07

why go to bed early? Stuff just keeps me awake anyway...

What the fuck do I *do?* My foreign girlfriend's had a shift taken away from her at work, and I'm pretty sure it's the launch of a phase-out-the-illegal-workers policy being laid down by their new owner. That means that she may not have a job at all soon.

I mean, I'm already working a lot of hours. I mean it. The idea of taking on another evening shift to help keep us in *some* sort of entertainment money is anathema to me, but I'm not doing so well monetarily right now at the best of times, *plus* I'm going to have to start making payments on my student loan again soon. I really hate the idea of working more hours right about now, but I don't see what else I can do. Of course, that means that the last fricking sexual impulse I have will most likely be zapped out of existence by the burden of my goddamned fatigue. Dude, as soon as the girl's no longer sick, I'm going to have to do something about that. Just to make sure I still know how to do stuff...

Fuck, There are so many things eating me up inside right now, it's not funny.

September. Come hell or high water, I ain't working at the pub anymore. Not unless some miracle has them hand me an actual bartending shift.

They won't do that; I'm calling the manager at Coffee Hell to-morrow to tell him that I'll be available full-time come fall. They pay better, and the tips at the pub ain't worth shite in the winter anyway. And I think that in my mind I've already left the pub.

It'll be nice to have just one job again. Even if it leaves me in the poor house...

Gods, that auld career of mine keeps scratching at the back of my head. I think it wants me back...

...or maybe that's just my wallet speaking. I know it ain't my desire.

||Gods save the Queen,

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