05.07.2003 || 22h32

Cocking and yawning

Hey. You know what I'm really tired of? I'm damned tired of being tired all the time. It's really sucking big time, and it's starting to hang right on me, so I think I'd better get past it. Examples: To-day I finally found the keys for which I'd been searching for several days. They were in the laundry; I've lost a brand-new novel that I was reading. No idea where it could be. If anyone finds a copy of 20 h 17 rue Darling laying about, it's mine. I haven't been updating lately because I've been too lazyboneslike to do it. Oh, and I guess it's kinda lucky that the girl's still a little sick because I'm too bushed for the biblical duties.

In other news, you'd really, honesty *never* guess how my glasses got broken yesterday. I ain't going into details, but suffice it to say that even though sex was not involved, I look at Mystie's breasts with a whole new respect. And maybe just a little bit of fear...

By the way, I'd just like to thank Rhonda for giving us the term 'to be cocked'. Marv and I have been using it almost non-stop lately. She's just too lit for us kittens.

Oh, and the demo for Unreal 2003 Mac finally came out, and I can't even flirt with the idea of playing that baby on the doomBook. Yes, there's a certain sense of disappointment laying inert in my tummy. But hey, at least I've got my health, right?

wow, am I ever inane these days...

||Gods save the Queen,

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