04.29.2003 || 23h42

The Decline, eh?

Hi there, Diary Dear. Haven't been here in a dog's age, so I figured I'd swing by and say hi.

To-night, Mystie and I spent our free movie passes on advance tix to see «Les invasions barbares» at (of all places) the Paramount House of Mass Culture on the 13th of May. I figured that Mystie'd better see the film to which Barbares is the sequel, so we stopped by Métro Vidéo to pick it up.

Out of stock.

And backordered up the arse.

So we left.

And found *one* copy at the Rénaud-Bray we walked into on a whim.

Important note: Le Déclin de l'empire américan was the first international Canadian film success. It won the Critics' Prize at Cannes, the FIPRISCI prize, an assload of Genies, and an Academy Award nomination for best foreign language film. It sort of took Denis Arcand out of the small world of Québec filmmaking and slapped him onto the world stage. Much the same as The Sweet Hereafter would later do for Atom Egoyan.

So, if Best Friend didn't have to get up at 4h00 to go to work, Mystie and I would *definitely* be watching Déclin to-night...

I've prolly got a lot more to talk about, but I just wanna go beds.

||Gods save the Queen,

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