04.26.2003 || 03:52

Another 15 1/2-hour shift down...

Holy bejesus, it's great to be home. I've decided that it sux to work for the entire time that a pub is open.

At one point (about a quick spit from closing), a buncha 18-year-olds came out of the danceclub upstairs. One of them was a super-tanned Parasuco chick with a wicked body. Her bleached hair was topped off with a stupid white b-girl hat, and her tight little butt was in white hip-hugger pants. She proceeded to bump-n-grind all over the street and tease most of the boyz in the group as they waited for taxis.

At one point, I'm sure I would have found her attractive. As it is, it was too much show for too little girl.

Besides, two other hotties had licked and groped one another in the same space not an hour earlier while Yankee fratboys cheered from the upstairs balcony.

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