04.20.2003 || 10:45

Laughable boycotts.

Okay, I *gotta* say it: the US consumer needs some edjumication. It seems that the reason the Americans' boycott of canuckian products isn't doing boo to the national economy is because they ain't actually pegging on to what's actually Canadian. Apparently, 25% of y'all think that Bombardier (of jet, Ski-doo, and NYC subway car fame) is American.

Okay, some of them are a little sneaky: both Canadian Club and Canada Dry are now British-owned, so I guess they don't count, but fer jaysus's sakes, kids, learn a little.

These are the same goofs who'll only buy 'American' cars, steadfastly ignoring the 'Made in Canada' stickers on half of them (like, say 100% of all those Firebirds and Camaros)...

Learn something: Nothing is really Made with Pride in America anymore.

But go on, boycott our stuff. We're not even noticing.

||Gods save the Queen,

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