04.16.2003 || 23h03

Russian Ark

To-night Mystie and I marched up to the AMC to watch Russian Ark. I liked it because I knew that I was seeing something new and exciting happen on-screen. The record for the longest single take in a film was being blown away by the single hour-and-a-half take that made up the entire film. It sort of took me back to the Soviet-era films we studied in school. They came from a time when, as far as innovation went, the Soviet filmmakers were the biggest guys on the block.

As to whether I liked the film itself depends. I think that the film was a glorification of the Hermitage Museum in St-Petersburgh as just what the title says: a Russian Ark of sorts, preserving some of Old Russia's glory and culture through the storm of revolution and warfare, only to open up (ironically) at the end of the Glasnost and Perestroika era that effectively killed the huge Soviet film industry and elevated Hollywood from being the world's third biggest film industry to the #2 spot.

If that's not what the film's all about, then I don't know what the hell they were on about.

But I think I'll buy it when it comes out on DVD. It's just too damned cool for me not to want to watch it again...

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