04.15.2003 || 01h21

Election day in Québec

Election day in La belle province. The dude I voted for got a grand total of 714 votes, which isn't bad for a left-winger in Westmount. I think that the other 716 UFP votes came from the St-Louis part of the Westmount-Saint-Louis riding, though...

The riding went Liberal, along with pretty damned close to the rest of the province -- well, 76 of the 125 ridings. Yep, that's a Liberal Majority Government, which I can't say pleases me *all* that much.

What *does* please me is that the filthsome ADQ went into the toilet, along with their plans for massive privatisation of the whole damned province. Funny, those conservative, right-wing parties never do well here. Though on the other side of it, I guess the guys I voted for are just a little too left-wing even for Québec. Hell, at least they did better than the Bloc Pot (whose platform consisted mostly of smoking a lot of drugs).

But even they did better than the Marxist-Leninists, who came in at a whopping 110 votes. Nice last place finish there, guys.

That's all I have to say. It's 1h20, I've been trying to work on film stuff, and I'm too damned tired to go on. Bed calls. Warm female body in there = sleepy snuzzles.

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