04.15.2003 || 12h21


Gr. Another pointless argument to-day. I'm really not in the mood for this because I'm feeling sick as a dog on top of it, and fighting never helps my stomach. Mystie was telling me about the paper she's writing, and I asked a few questions she's overlooked our of sheer laziness (oh, and the fact that she let the paper go until the last minute. Natch), and the next thing you know, she's crying and yelling, and I'm just looking to leave. So, even though I felt sick, I left for work, only to throw my breakfast up into the can halfway there. Heh, I'm back home now...

Okay, I *did* interrupt her. My bad. But She does it so often that I've stopped asking her to stop, so do I feel bad about it? Not really. I also countered her point with one that negated what she was saying, not because I interrupted her, but because she just isn't looking anywhere outside of her idea, even though history proves her paper to be pointless.

Though it shocks me to see some of the sub-Mysteria-par stuff she hands in and gets good marks for (She's fucking brilliant but lazy), I guess it's really not my place to even care. I mean, if you're in school more for the marks than the actual learning, then who am I to say that that's wrong?

But after seeing her ballisticise over me doing something she consistently does to me (interrupt, ridicule) I certainly don't even want to talk to her right now. Am I sorry for interrupting her? Not really. I was sorry because tears on her face always break my heart, but fuck, now she knows without a doubt how it feels. The difference is that I don't bounce to the seventh circle of hell over it. Ditto with the ridicule. I just say 'Actually, I was being serious,' and go on.

Fuckit, I have no interest in trying to talk this one over or solve the problem. Right now, I'm too damned sick to even care.

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