04.14.2003 || 11h35

hellascious weekend? Um yep.

Yeah, so I worked a lot this week-end. I mean it. Mid-day til the wee hours on both Friday and Saturday, then again at 13h00 yesterday. At least yesterday I finished before midnight, though: I got off from Job #2 at eight so I could go see the Dan Bern show with Mystie, Literate Barmaid and the Stringbean. Good show. Really good.

But dude! Friday was *not* my day. I mean aside from the noon-to-3h30 am shift, there was an issue with our toilets overflowing everytime someone flushed in the danceclub upstairs; there was a girl who puked across half the terrace, there was me forgetting my asthma pump and the pub being smokier than usual; the band was way too loud, didn't match the pub's motif, and was basically made up of one cocky prick and his henchmen. Oh, then one of Literate Barmaid's friends (whom I dispise) knocked on the window just after closing. she came in and made a drunken arse of herself for way too long, nicely delaying our close.

Saturday wasn't too rough, but Sunday at job #2, we got every arsehole in the galaxy coming in. I was glad to leave for the show.

After the concert, we were supposed to go have a drinkk with Literate Barmaid and the Stringbean, but Hurley's was too crowded, and Mystie got a randy look on her face, so we beat a hasty retreat to to be dirty, dirty pigs.

Now I'm updating and bathing before leaving to vote for the next provincial government, then goign to Maman's rooming house to do maintenance. After that, I'm going to the school with Hudson Girl to look over headshots and discuss casting.

Oh, and to add to that, I noticed Sunday morning while rushing to work that there was a note on the fridge: 'Monstre in town this week-end. Cell: XXX-XXX-XXXX.' Terrific. Why hadn't I looked at the fridge earlier? Oh right, because I've been rushing about like a fart in a windstorm. Maybe next time...

I need rest...

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