04.10.2003 || 01h11

Short tempered these days.

Weird night to-night. I went for coffee with Mystie, Scottish Legs, and Scottish Legs's fiancé. I hadn't really wanted to go, except that I hadn't seen Legs and her man for a while. You see, the only reason I hadn't wanted to go was because I've been getting almost nothing film-related done these days; even the nights Mystie's been sleeping at home, we've been together until 22h00 or so, nicely defeating one of the ourposes for her sleeping at home in the first place. Anyway, we were sitting there at the Second Cup, when I suddenly stopped being interested in sitting with any of them. I wanted to be at home and working on my film. I sat there for as long as I could, then finally got up to leave. Everyone else got up to go as well, and walked to the car (Legs won't allow one *not* to tag a lift when she's got wheels). I decided that I really *really* wanted to be alone, so I begged off as politely as I could and walked until a 24 came along.

When I got home, I immediately started storyboarding. I've gotten a couple of scenes done.

Oh, and to-morrow I'm going to get the DoomBook from the shop. No, she ain't fixed yet, but the part's back-ordered and I'm tired of waiting. I'm going to work as well as I can and have them call me when the piece comes in. That's that.

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