04.03.2003 || 01h23

Movies and the Governor General's hubby.

You know, something has started happening lately, something that I haven't experienced in a long, long time: I have seen not one, but *two* films over the past couple of weeks that I'm willing -- well, actually really want -- to see again. One was L'auberge espagnol (which Mystie has shown an interest in seeing again), and the other was the amazingly wicked Bend it like Beckham.

everyone should see this flick. It's hilarious, first off. The football's excellent, too. I can scarcely believe that the actors had to learn to play football for the film. They play like it's second nature, fer gossakes... Oh, and there's the tertiary point that I think I've got a small crush on Parminder Nagra...

Also, Shaznay Lewis is in this film, so now I know whatever happened to *three* members of the late, great All Saints (for news of the other two members who didn't disappear completely, just google 'Appleton').

Anyway, Mystie and I saw it twice. I thought it was just as funny the second time 'round.

No band practice to-morrow night. We're going to hear the viceregal consort, His Excellency John Ralston Saul, be interviewed or talk or something as part of the Blue Metropolis festival. Canada's kinda cool right now, in that the Head of State and her husband are both superduper names in broadcasting and writing rather than being lawyers. Anyway, Saul's the biggest name in philosophy to come out of Canadia, so it's going to be good for both of us to see him. This is me going 'yay.'

Actually, this is me going 'yawn.' I just looked at the time. G'night, eh?

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