03.21.2003 || 10h37

A short rant before work

We're in such a stupid place. I'm not specifically refering to the US-led mayhem across the globe, I'm talking about each and every one of you, and every atom of me. I'm talking about the Dland pages I read this morning and the newspapers I read yesterday.

Yesterday was a black day.

Everyone's so in love with their own anger that they're oblivious to that of everyone around them.

Everyone's got a crutch they need to keep them from being worthwhile. Or at least, everyone I know personally. I can't speak for the fictitious Perfect Person who may be out there somewhere.

No wonder we end up fucking the planet over. It's hard *not* to buy the biggest, baddest status car you can, or invade the next nation over, or pour poison into the seas; It's hard because everyone's too damned busy being in love with their own fucking damage and making sure that they don't get pushed about. No one's actually looking beyond their own tiny narcissistic globe.

If I am wrong about this in any goddamned way, somebody please tell me. I'm just seeing useless rhetoric everywhere.

||Gods save the Queen,

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