03.20.2003 || 10h16

First day

So, last night we went to see Henry Rollins with Kaffeine et al. Very funny show, I have to say. Henry's spoken word stuff is usually hilarious and always poignant. Oh, and he describesd Ramones concerts absolutely accurately. I know, I've been to two of them.

At one point, I was sitting there, laughing at something he'd said, and I realised that it was past the deadline Washington set for the end of peace, and I felt a twinge of regret.

Sure enough, when we got home, we found out that they'd bombed someone.

Earlier yesterday, I saw a picture of an Iraqi soldier on the front of the Gazette. He was shouting his defiance in the face of the impending mayhem. I stared at the picture for a moment, and wondered how his life will turn out over the next little while, and how long before it ends.

And, thanks to Mr. Pyke, I am pissed as hell about how well everything has turned out for Washington.

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