03.19.2003 || 09h37

A few thoughts on the end of peace

I heard on the radio that even if Saddam and his boys left the country, the Coalition of the Willing was going to unleash unholy mayhem against Iraq.

So, here we are, the last hours of the last day of peace. All excuses have been excised, all reasons have been examined and found wanting. Australians phoning in to a talk show down there were expressing utter, helpless rage, while phoners into a US station said 'Alright then, let's get it over with, at least.'

And I'm tired of hearing about how disappointed Washington is with Canada.

This conflict will be the testing ground for new US theories on war. If the new theories prove to be erroneous, then the US has only a fraction of the troops and ordnance they need to take Iraq actually in position. Expensive mistake.

The UN, NATO, and the EU have become casualties of war, even though not a shot has been fired yet.

Which nicely wipes out all meaningful resistance to the US as world hyperpower, a notion that I'm sure hasn't gone unnoticed in Washington.

I also find it reprehensible that the Pentagon is threatening to bomb independent reporters in Iraq. Why aren't we going to be allowed to know what's going on?

I hope the Iraqis give us hell, at least. I have no illusions that they won't lose, but I hope they go down fighting. *Someone* has to.

||Gods save the Queen,

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