03.14.2003 || 00h59

skanks and writing

Hey, I'd just like to congratulate the US for building a really big new bomb. Dude, this bomb is so damned big that the only way to deploy it is to push it out the back of a C-130. Or, as the Globe and Mail maintains: 'Because it can be carried only by a military cargo aircraft, it cannot be delivered over areas where a serious anti-aircraft threat remains. '

In other words, you can only drop it into an area that's already been significantly softened.

I like what Mr wbill said to me about it just over 10 minutes ago: 'Holy cow, we're serious now... we just dropped a bomb on Florida.'


To-day, this utter skank (who happens to be a regular) sat at the bar and drank on various men's wallets all day. She'd just walked off her job because she can't take it when the world isn't aligning itself in her complete favour, and spent most of the day spewing crap about how from now on, she's going to tell prospective bosses what her availability is, and hang them if they can't work around that.

Meanwhile, Here's me going 'Ya-whu? Hello? Realism? Realism? You're a fucking barmaid!'

Doesn't help that she's a fucking airhead who can't keep her mouth shut, either. Anyway, so she walks off her job, and starts immediately asking all the beer reps who come in if they need any new reps. That's when she's not deciding to take it easy and just work on her music, or trying to find a guy who'll pay to sent her to Austin for the fucking SXSW fest that started yesterday.

Dude, it really irritates me to see how many men she tries this shite with. I mean, she's always trying to wheedle something out of a potential sugar daddy, and I just feel like slapping her and shouting 'get some self-respect, bitch!'



So, I didn't win either of the fiction contests I'd entered. Not too disappointed about it, as I didn't expect to win anyway, but It's nice to finally see what I was up against. There are some ginormousy gifted writers in this country, and I have to say that I'm thanking the god I didn't enter French-language poetry: Tania Langlais (who won that category) is an absolutely terrifying talent. I'd hate to have lived the life it took to make her write like that.

Anyway, I certainly intend to enter again next year, but I'm going to work my arse off for it. My arse off.

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