03.10.2003 || 10h13

Napster rises from the ashes? Yeah, but as what?

Okay, so apparently Roxio is poised to re-launch Napster as a 'legitimate' pay service. Great. Another symbol of the Web's rebellious cool is appropriated by the corposaurs. So the question I have to ask is: does this show the record companies finally getting with the programme, or is it a desperate grab at shrinking bottom lines? I know *I* won't be shopping there.

The thing I've always liked about the napster-esque piracies is that they have been taking a big bite out of the record companies' arses. I see the big guys as greedy profiteers, and I know that artists are paid less by their companies than they ever were before. Something has *got* to give. Something has got to put the rewards for a songwriter's labours into the songwriter's pocket, not that of some corpo whore. Maybe if more and more artists take the Billy Bragg route and put MP3s on their sites, it'll start to shake the tree a little bit.

In fact, that reminds me of a related issue: I'd have no problem with paying by the song if it meant I could listen to clips, then select the songs I want. I'd especially like it if I could do this on an artist's personal site, outside the bailiwick of the big companies. Well, okay; this would prolly be outside their ken by default, since they're all still looking at trying to push CDs instead of songs.

Whatever, it was just a thought.

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