03.02.2003 || 09h18

Fucking network and birthdays

Well, I was *supposed* to go to an audition for a simply horrid movie last night, but Literate Barmaid had some sort of anxiety attack or something and ended up on the floor in the bathroom. I took care of her, then put her in a taxi home and covered her tables until someone else could come in.

I don't feel badly about it. The script I was supposed to read was really quite bad.

Oh, in other news, the fucking network's down again. It looks like one of our random power outages fried our gateway. We're happy. Really, really happy. We're thinking of showing our happiness by dancing on the heads of the peeps at Westmount Hydro, in fact.

Or maybe those at Apple. the Airport doesn't seem to be able to switch, either. Marv's going to call and raise some heck on Monday.


[yawn] Well, I'm a wee bit dehydrated, and there's a fridge full of Ricard's Red left over from the surprise 28th birthday party we hosted for Sister last night. The real surprise is that we pulled it off. It was a weird, multiheaded monster orchestrated by the Slut and held at our place (biggest flat around). It was stressful trying to organise everything, but I'm pretty sure I speak for all involved when I say that her face made it all completely worthwhile.

Oh yeah, I also sorta, er, sang her happy birthday over the phone from the Métro platform, while people looked at me like I was forty shades of retard. Heh, what a life...

But I sure wish the fridge was full of Guinness. Ricard's is kinda, well, Molson-esque.


To-night, I'm going to hear the screenplay read by several students at the school. Looking forward to it in a huge way, as I'll finally know if it sounds as good as it looks, or if we have to re-write huge chunks...

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