02.10.2003 || 14h20

Another dull week-end down...

Hmph. Mystie's on-line and yakking with an old affair while Marv and I rush about making lunch. I'm leaving in less than an hour and she won't be seeing me again until maybe sometime to-morrow, but that doesn't seem to translate into 'grab the quality time while you can,' (and no, I don't *really* think he's a threat, so shut up) so I guess I'll do an update.


Yoips! Saturday at Job #2 was Keystone Barristasville: Caro accidentally clocked Best Friend with a phone, he later clocked me across the head with a mophandle while he wasn't looking, and I managed to get a handful of hot, hot metal while backflushing the espresso machine. Also, I careened off a doorframe while carrying a plate of muffins. There were other little instances too, but none as big as those.

Aside from that, Saturday and Sunday were both uneventful. There are some aspects of working at Coffee Hell that I quite like: our location is peopled by the most laid-back staff ever, and everyone gets on really well. I like my co-workers and the fact that I leave after every shift feeling the good kind of exhausted. You know, the kind that says 'Man, I did a lot to-day.'

What I *don't* like about working at Job #2 is the cllientele. About 60% of the schmuckazoids who walk in are dum-dums. There, it's been said; move on.


Last night, Mystie and I saw 'Looking for Leonard' at the Eaton Centre. It was pretty damned good, in a quirky, Montréal-esque sort of way. I was glad we went. I think we're going to see 'So Far Away and Blue' after I get paid on Thursday.

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