02.08.2003 || 13h58

Short stuff, bored with crap around here

Hey there, all. I just tried to watch a film with Marv and Mystie, but the clink and slurp sounds they were making while eating icecream grossed me out, so here I am, updating. Word to allayaz out there: Don't snack while watching a film with me, either at the cinema or at home. It'll do one of three things: a) Put me in a bad mood; b) make me shoot dumb movie quotes at you ('God, I can *hear* you getting fatter!'); or c) Make me leave (not so probable at the cinema).

So, what with half of Colon Powell's 'facts' having turned out to be practically fictitious, I find it apropos to re-print this fun little snippet about Powell's bombastic little speech.

Neil Pollack thinks we should go to war : this weekend, if possible.

Quoth Pollack:

"10:51 AM
PICTURE 1: UN Resolution 4566 distinctly prohibits more than three red squares in any given satellite picture. This photo clearly contains four red squares. The same resolution also prohibits trucks from gathering around buildings. The Iraqis are clearly in violation of the truck-gathering prohibition. I have a modest erection.

10:54 AM
PICTURE 3: The buildings appear to have roofs, in direct violation of UN Resolution 5903, which prohibits new roof construction on monitored sites. Why would the Iraqis build these roofs, or is it rooves? Also, in the lower-left hand corner of the screen, you can clearly see a gun. And it is smoking.

10:58 AM
At this point, anyone who doesn't want to bomb those shifty Arabs is obviously a Fifth Column traitor. Where are you now, Frenchie? No sources are more reliable than human sources. A free country does NOT arrest people without charges. Mmm. I am so hard right now.

11:03 AM
If even ONE teaspoonful of anthrax exists in Iraq, then it must be destroyed through a massive deployment of 150,000 troops. Why is Saddam Hussein hiding his teaspoons? It's time to stop his travelling poisonous medicine show on wheels. Preferably tomorrow, because I have plans this weekend. "

Here are the slides , so that you can see the proof-positive red sqaures. They have illustrations of WMD-hauling trucks! The illustrations prove it, if nothing else -- how could White House graphic designers draw them if they weren't real? I bet the Iraqis have stolen the FLAG Mobile Unit! The evidence is damning. What are we waiting for?


Speaking of which, I've been dealing with my yearly SADD syndrome by playing a heckuva lot of Ghost Recon lately. Lots.

To-day, Marv, Best Friend, and I played a round using the Australian Special Forces patch, which makes all of the good, guys way cooler (Dude, the USMC just *looks* banana republic-esque), and turns all of the bad guys into Indonesians.

Genetically enhanced special forces Indonesians who've been trained by the SAS to kill Australians, it seems. We got spanked. Hard.

Yadda yadda yadda, I'm going to go do a crossword or something.

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