01.29.2003 || 00h52

Spanishg movies, script shite, GWB, and Mystie's endorsement of semi-literate professors

Mystie and I saw a pretty damned good film a couple of days ago. She played the sugar-momma and bouhgt the tix and supper, then I reciprocated the next night. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that, though I don't really understand Spanish that well, I was able to recognise that one of the main characters (who was revealed to be Argentinean) was American, just on the basis of the different accent. Okay, having once been engaged to a Chilean might have helped, as I got the differences between South American and Central/North American, drilled into my head pretty severely, not to mention that bizarre beast known as Castilian.

Anyway, it's a pretty wicked movie. Almodóvar's a pretty damned fine director, though I loathed Kika...

Done the fricking screenplay. Finished it it a sort of panicked haze when I realised how late it's getting. Unfortunately, I think I really need a script consultant to take a look. I think that one of the dramatic turning points is way too late, but moving it up would require a substantial re-write...

Grr. I just want the fricking screenplay done, already. Done. do you hear me?

Or I could just eat a .45; Either one is attractive right about now...


Hey, GWB! Let me tell you something: Your nation of almost 300 million is an economic dog that is being outstripped by its 31-million-strong northern neighbour at an embarrassing rate. You have failed to educate your children. You have failed to make a convincing case for the war that would ensure you another term as president. Within the space of one week, you have been told to take a hike by the leaders of France, Germany, and Canada. You have turned your Special Forces into hunter-killer drones and received derisive sneers from the Scandinavians and your own defence establishment for the effort. You have pissed away public opinion across the Atlantic, north of the 49th Parallel, and south of Texas to an extent never before seen by the mortal eye. You have cut your people off from the world on so many issues that you'll never be able to truly lead the planet again.

And you don't have to take my word for it. Maybe a State of the Union speech should be more about real issues and less about bombast.


Interesting little thing: To-night, Mystie was telling me about one of her classes. It sort of pertained to an old conversation we'd had before about the pronunciation of Kant's name. It seems that all her profs in the States had pronounced his name as 'Kahnt,' which I sort of laughed at and wrote off as the same over-compensation that has them (and a whole swack of us) pronounce 'Softimage' with a long A and so on. Of course, the man was apparently born in Königsberg, east Prussia, which is now called Kaliningrad, and sits in that little chunk of Russia that is completely separate from the rest of the country, up where Danzig is in northern Poland. East Prussia was an essentially German-speaking area, though most of the ethnic Germans were deported by the Soviet government in or around 1948. Anyway, She was surprised to learn that the long 'ah' sound just doesn't exist in German, and that Kant is properly pronounced a lot more along the lines of 'can't.'

Anyway, To-night, she said that she will tend to do something she knows is wrong if a professor does it. I sort of made light fun of her, then wrote it off as another peculiarity of her character and secretly hoped that this weird character, um, element ends at mispronunciation of non-English words...

Whups: Speaking of whom, she just e-mailed me the revisions she's done to her portfolio. Guess I'd better go tend to that...

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