01.26.2003 || 0h:12

Yeah, so I *wanted* to watch Camille Claudel to-night, but Mystie needed food, so we went out and then ended up watching Trixxx instead.

Whoo-hoo! I can't believe that GWB is actually having to eat shite! This is terrific news. I don't think that it necessarily puts an end to the emerging US Empire, but any respite is better than no respite at all, right?

Now, if only someone could get the UK off the US's dick, we might actually get somewhere. I can't believe it would happen, but you know...

That being said, I'm not sure if this is such a good idea.


I was heartbroken to discover to-night that the screenplay is 10 pages less than I thought it was. Even with all the cutaway shots, urban scene establishing shots, montages and pregnant pauses we can come up with, we still ain't going to get the whore to 90 minutes. Crap. So, I took my break at job #2, and furiously wrote out some crap that will most likely have to edit just qu-au bout later. Bitchtacular


Yeah, so to-night, Mystie and I were at the marché, putting groceries on the counter, when she said 'Grr' under her breath;
cf: Word?
Mystie: No, I said 'Grr.'
Oh. I thought you were giving me props.
Counter girl giggles. CF feels old.
cf: Hey, I'm down, I've got the 4-1-1
Mystie: Word up.
Mystie and cf leave the counter girl in stitches.

Man, we two is just too white...

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