01.16.2003 || 10h58

More notes on a common theme

Actually, I'd forgotten to mention the Pete Townshend thing. Especially as he means more than Paul Reubens ever will. The world's becoming sillier by the second.

Don't get me wrong: I don't like even the idea of child porn. I find the whole thing to be slightly gross. And I'm a bit of a pervert, so that's a pretty big statement. I believe that so-called 'deviant' sex is generally harmless, no matter how much it may fly in the face of puritanical absolutism. I draw the line at stuff like paedophilia and rape and all those goodies. Sex should never be used as a weapon.

But I guess there's nothing on this planet that we won't use as a weapon given the teeniest excuse.

But I still don't think that looking at dirty pictures of children automatically means that you're dangerous. Sketchy, yes. But really now.

I think that everyone who reads me knows my take on raping children. I don't need to tell anyone of the revulsion I feel at the thought. I also think that the world's becoming just a bit too paedophilia-happy. I don't think that we're building a healthy society by screaming 'monster' everytime a shadow shifts. It's just becoming stupid at this point.

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