01.17.2003 || 00h42

The last few thoughts on the same goddamned theme

I've decided that I can now get my license. What I've been waiting for is practically upon us, and is kinda cute to boot. So yeah, I'm going to call up the régie next week.


You know, I've been re-thinking my approach to the whole kiddie-porn thing. Not so much changing my position as sort of asking a few questions, I guess. I mean, I still don't think that someone who looks at dirty pictures of children is inherently dangerous, but I d*do* find the whole idea to reek of sketch. I mean, I find it weird that anyone would find chidlers attractive. I don't understand it, and I don't want to. I refuse to believe that just because I hate the idea of something, it's wrong or should be illegal. Of course, at the heart of kiddie porn lies the monster of its nature: there are children in this world who are being used for this.

I guess it's sort of the same thing as the argument for decriminalising pot or other soft drugs: Technically, the end user is an enabler for the industry, right? So punishing the dealer while letting his customers off makes no sense. I'm seeing the whole kiddie-porn industry in the same light.

Yes, I still believe that what goes on in one's bedroom is one's own business. I don't know how to make that work with my history and with those who would do the same to other kids. I don't see the geek looking at the dirty pictures as an automatic predator, but in my opinion, whoever took the pictures most certainly is.

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