2000-05-15 || 16:30:21

cf's in shite

Every now and again, someone whose page we read every day, as whose life we have come to know through that page gets discovered and disappears. Sometimes it's a small loss, sometimes a large one. A poignant example of this is DirtyGirl, whose diary inspired me to start my own. The glimpses of her life I got every day were sharp and clear, and I admired her for the incisiveness of her writing.

I have tried to write as openly as did she. I have not succeded, but I have still tried.

When DirtyGirl's diary was discovered by those she didn't want reading her, she changed her nick slightly in an attempt to keep writing without the need to edit her words to placate others' senses of propriety. They got her anyway, and now she's gone. Period.

It sometimes feels as though we Diarylanders are fugitives. In a sense, we are. We write about our lives behind the backs of those who think they know us. We share little glimpses of ourselves to each other, though we've by an large never met. And every now and again, someone disappears, is missed for a while, then forgotten.

Something very bad happened to me this week-end, and I don't know if I can stay. I would love to, but I have to deal with the whirlwind of shite I'm in before can even think about it.

Gods, I hope I can see you all again soon,


By the way, my message board's still up. Let me know you're still there.

||Gods save the Queen,

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